credit repair class

Credit Repair Class

Fix Your Credit, Get Paid To Fix Others...

DIY Credit Repair. Fix Your Credit Then Get Paid To Fix Others!
P.S. These methods works better than Credit Karma!

Looking for a way to grow your credit score?

Tired of being denied due to your FICO score?

Everything you need including 300+ Page instruction manual explains the ins & outs including FCRA laws. Understanding Fico scores, dispute letters, intake agreements, and forms

credit repair course

This collection of 10 templates is designed to save you time and correct your credit score within 90 days or less.

Fix your credit quickly and simply with this versatile set of templates...

All you have to do is select the form you need to enter your personal information and mail off the letter! Each letter is flexible and completely customizable so you can change the verbiage to your specific financial scenario!

credit repair cloud

This course & bundle pack has everything you need to dispute or challenge tradelines on your credit report in the most efficient way, INCLUDING:

  • Basic Dispute for Collections

  • Basic Dispute for Creditor

  • Dispute Item Variations

  • Error on Credit Card Bill

  • Goodwill Adjustment Letter

  • Pay For Delete

  • Remove Hard Inquiry

  • Repossession – Debt collector

  • Request Direct Negotiation with Creditor

  • Request Removal of Incorrect Info

  • Validation of Debt

Plus many more! (Warning of Expired Statute of Limitations!Warning of VOD refusal and FDCPA violations, Warning Violation for Expired Debt Collection & so much more!)Get our Complete Credit Repair Turn-key Course For Only $20 Here:


Get The Credit Repair Prosperity System Today For Only $27

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